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The conference we attended last Thursday was presented by a man called Emmanuel Latreille who is one of the representatives of an organization named FRAC (Fond régional d’art contemporain). It is fact an organization which has obtained a budget from the Region to buy many different works of art from very diverse contemporary artists such as painters, sculptors or photographers… In order to show them during a few contemporary exhibitions which are organized in different places. So these exhibitions allow people to come and discover the work of those contemporary artists so that they would get an idea of what contemporary art is. With its 200000 € budget the FRAC managed to gather around 1300 works of art. This man also explained to us what contemporary art actually is. It’s quite different from the traditional sort of art we know. Apart from showing us some examples of works of art he also taught us that: at the end of the 20th century, some artists such as Pablo Picasso, Brancusi or Man Ray have marked a shift to a different kind of art. It’s a rupture with the former conception, all categories are being mixed, artists are using objects and many other sorts of new things to innovate. With this art artists are trying to show a reality, there is always a hidden meaning behind their works of art. They are using a mix of styles to grab the time or a precise moment through them. We have seen many contemporary artists who are all unique such as Daniel Firmenn, Laurina Paperina or Steven Marsen. To sum up I found this conference particularly interesting mainly because it taught me something new.

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On Thursday, November 20th, we attended a conference on art presented by Emmanuel Latreille.
He talked about the main art of the twentieth century : contemporary art characterized by paintings, sculptures and a notion of revival in the shape. The conception of space under diverse angles is one of the aspects of this art. The question that the artist asks himself is " How can I find a coherence in my work ? '' Spatial marks are different according to the artist, the work...
Mister Latreille told that nowadays, objects get into the painting to create a reality.
He showed us pictures of some works in order to illustrate his theory about contemporary art. I will quickly present some works. An artist called Steven Merzel made a work in plaster, like a tower with a spinning base which is 13.50 meters high. The man talked about an Italian artist, Laurina Paperina who makes " Art Burlesque '' and she exposed works at " L'École des Beaux Arts " in Nîmes. She doesn't care about what the other artists think, she makes the kind of art that she wants.
We saw a picture showing Marcel Duchamp's work. He's an artist whose name rings a bell to me : I studied one of his works three years ago for the test of " Histoire des Arts ". Duchamp chose to stage two objects of the everyday life : a refrigerator and a safe, the whole on a sculpture. It shows the modernity in the field of art : there isn't architecture anymore.
At the end, we saw a picture representing birds realized with condoms. This is simply called Birds.
We saw and heard about more works but I told you only about some of them.

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Travail en anglais sur l'exposition avec les secondes.

Ils avaient pour consigne de choisir une des œuvres de l'exposition et devaient décrire, interpréter et donner leur avis personnel sur l'oeuvre choisie

Françoise Gizardin Professeur d’Anglais

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