The English Debate in Montpellier 2017
The English Debate in Montpellier 2017

The Citizens’ Debate by Zaïna in class 207

The Louis Feuillade High School had an appointment as usual with the other High Schools for a citizens’ debate which takes place each year in Montpellier in the CRDP.
Each High School had to choose the judges for the debates and the debaters. I was on the jury for this year and l wish to be a debater the other years.
We had an appointment with Mrs Pantaine and Mrs Valey at the station at 7.30 am and we took the train to Montpellier.
When we arrived, a presenter gave us a short outline of the day and then each person left to join their group. The best thing about it was that we did not know anybody in the group because they were from different High Schools.
Several debates took place during the day on several different interesting subjects and then the winners had to be on the stage for the final debate.
The first final was for the year 11s and the subject was: “Change is always a good thing.”
The last debate was that of the year 12 and 13s and the subject was: “Significant social advances are only possible through conflict.”
Unfortunately, our High School lost but at least we got to the final!
Finally, l liked doing this because we do not often meet new people from other High Schools and the debates were enriching.

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Vendredi 21 avril 2017, 7h40 : nous prenons le train à Lunel avec Mme Pantaine et Mme Valey direction Montpellier pour participer aux débats citoyens en anglais au Canopé.

Nous sommes huit élèves du lycée à nous lancer dans cette aventure (quatre élèves de seconde et quatre élèves de cycle terminal). A l’arrivée, nous découvrons notre équipe composée de quatre élèves venant chacun d'un lycée différent. Le premier débat démarre, le principe est simple : un tirage au sort afin de déterminer quelle équipe est « pour » et quelle équipe est « contre », sujet donné nous voilà partis pour 20 minutes de préparation et 20 minutes de débat.
J’ai eu la grande chance de tomber dans une équipe motivée et fort sympathique, ce qui nous a permis d’enchaîner trois débats et de nous retrouver en finale. Nous ne l’avons pas gagnée malheureusement : il faut dire qu’il est difficile d’être contre ce sujet « les grandes avancées sociales ont seulement été possibles suite à un conflit ». Nous avons tout de même fait de notre mieux et nous nous sommes bien défendus.
Nous étions tous très fiers de défendre les couleurs de notre établissement et d'arborer notre tee-shirt bleu ciel au nom du lycée Louis Feuillade. J’encourage tous les élèves à participer à cet événement : c’est une expérience humainement enrichissante malgré le stress de la journée ! Elle permet d'améliorer son niveau d'anglais, sa prononciation, d'enrichir sa culture générale, de tisser des liens avec des élèves intéressés et intéressants et de passer simplement une agréable journée en leur compagnie.
Je tiens à remercier les professeurs d'anglais pour leur organisation et leur investissement qui nous permettent de représenter le lycée chaque année au cours de ces débats !
Il me semble également important de souligner que pour la quatrième année notre lycée va en finale ! Well done Feuillade !

Inès Valey TL1.
The English Debate in Montpellier 2014
The English Debate in Montpellier 2014

We were 8 students from the Louis Feuillade High School to go to the debate accompanied by a group of supporters. Early in the morning, we took the train to Montpellier. We entered the CRDP where many students from 12 other High Schools were already introducing themselves to each other. First, each student had to put on a T-shirt of a specific colour to represent his High School, then we all entered the amphitheatre.

The organizers of the debate introduced themselves and then started to announce the teams. Each team was composed of pupils from different schools so that no team could have two members from the same High School. There were warming-up activities for the pupils to get to know each other. Then, the first and second round debates took place in various little rooms. After that, we all went outside to have lunch with our team, class or other students. A great relationship based on trust and competition was established. After lunch, the semi-finals and finals took place in the amphi-theatre with all the other students watching. Finally, with the debates finished, the winners were announced.

The winning teams will go to London in July for an international debate (United Nations Model) and the runners-up were given a book about different cities. All the participants received a certificate.
This was a good social and linguistic experience, sharing knowledge and ideas with students from all levels.

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Tuesday, December 13th 2011 - Newspaper Article.
The European get-together party for Christmas.

On December the 6th 2011, Spanish and English European pupils and teachers had a get-together party in room 204 from 3 to 5. We started with Spanish traditional Christmas songs and then Christmas carols were beautifully sung by pupils. Then each group presented their work on Christmas in different European countries (The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Greece, Denmark, Austria, etc.).
Some of the English pupils had worked on Anglo-Saxon celebrations such as Halloween, April Fool's Day, St Patrick's Day, Pancakes' Day or Guy Fawkes' Day. The Spanish students presented what they had done about Christmas in Spain.
What was a great time was when we gave one another a nice present and when we enjoyed delicious receipes from different European countries made by the students. Our work has been exhibited in the hall of the Lycee.
We wish you a happy and successful 2012 !
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Debate Day 2013

On Friday 19th April 2013 we participated in a debate organized by the CRDP in Montpellier. We were 6 students from the 12th grade and 2 from the 11th.
During the « little trip » we were kind of excited but on another hand, we were wondering how it would be. Who was going to be there ? And if we would win because the most important thing is the victory and not only the participation of course !
So many questions my dear...
When we arrived, there were pupils from different high schools, in a huge playground. They were studying some link words ...whereas we were sitting on the stairs, in front them. The fact is our euro section teachers are so awesome that we learned these link words at the beginning of the year.


Afterwards, we all entered a big auditorium and teachers said to us that we’d be separated into different groups of 4. Moreover, they explained to us the organization of the day : we’d draw a topic and draw our position too; that is to say if we were for or against. The time of preparation was about 10 minutes. Then, after the end of these 10 minutes, we had to debate for 20 minutes. Not really hard to understand, was it ?
As far as I'm concerned, I was with 3 persons I didn’t know and it was unusual but at the same time fun because we had to get to know each other and find arguments in just 10 minutes !
Unfortunately, my group was knocked out in the semi-final and I can't tell you how heavy my disappointment was. But I had my little pleasure during this day: I hit GASTON's group during the first round ...Thumbs up for me now !
As we lost, we waited for the final in the auditorium and, while the groups prepared their debates in another room, a teacher showed us some English sketches on Youtube. My favourite was the one with Catherine Tate, named « Translator » ; watch it, it’s worth it !
Finally, at the end we returned to Lunel and we talked for a few minutes of the funny day. It was great to meet other persons, with an impressive level of English and debate with and against them.
The most English day I ever had !

Thumbs up for Mrs Pantaine and Mrs Valey!

Our trip to England 2012

We left our home on February 6th to take the train in Nîmes then the bus in Lilles and finally the ferry across the Channel. We arrived in Slough in the evening to meet our different families.
The first day we went to Oxford and we visited Christ Church College and in the afternoon we spent our time shopping and enjoying the beauty of the town. We also made a trail : we had questions to answer to so we had to talk with English people.
The next day we visited Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace. We saw Shakespeare’s house and the church he was buried.
The third day in the morning, we went to Burnham School, our partner school where we met a lot of pupils. They took us to their different classes so we could understand the way they study in England.
In the afternoon, we went to London to visit the city. Thanks to our wonderful bus driver we had a sightseeing of the major places of London : Trafalgar square, Hyde park, the London Bridge, the Tower of London and then he dropped us on the Mall and we walked to Westminster, Buckingham Palace, St James Park and 10 Downing Street. Then we had free time so we could visit Piccadilly Circus and do some more shopping.
We had a great time, families were nice. Thanks to our teachers and well done to us all!!!